To the ends of the earth!

Today we said goodbye to Texas for some long awaited time off! First stop is a cruise out of Miami with Sherpa’s parents. Since our last blog post, a lot has happened. Most excitingly, we welcomed a little hitch hiker to our family. She does not have a trail name yet, but we suspect the trail will name her before the trip is over. Hopefully it is not “princess poopy britches”. Stay tuned. We hope to be able to push periodic updates as we travel to the ends of the earth. The purpose of this trip is to relax, refocus, and have fun.

    Relaxation- Sherpa is switching into a new role at work. This time should allow him to reboot and refocus. In addition, Porter just switched into a new role as full time mom. She will get some much needed time away from the home front.
    Refocusing- With the business of life out of the way, we will both be taking time to focus on our relationship with each other and God. We are part of some exciting ministries back home and look forward to drawing nearer to each other the God we serve.
    Recreation- Last but not least, we are going to be doing what we do best- exploring, adventuring, enjoying each other’s company, and having some good old fashioned family fun.

Until we have internet to post again,

Hike the Good Hike!

Sherpa and Porter

P.S. the beard is back! On the last cruise, there was a “Mr. sexy legs competition.” Sherpa is ready!

Day 1 Summary:

Flight- HOU to FLL, 6:05AM (on time)

Ground Transportation- 9:45 AM Sherpas parents provided airport transfer (delayed 30 min, provided feedback to agency, refund not available since service was complimentary. Instead, the agency comped us a lunch from Versailles Cuban Cafe on Caye Ocho, thanks mom and dad!)

Cruise checkin- Lessons learned: Don’t bother with a stroller on a cruise ship, Made the boarding process terribly inefficient. You basically become dependent on congested elevators to do everything. To make matters worse, when you do find your room, there really is no good place to store it. A backpack infant carrier is strongly recommended for cruise travel with small children. We will probably not use the stroller again until we disembark in Miami.

Cruise sets sail at 4:00PM! Adios!

Hike the Good Hike!

-Sherpa and Porter

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  1. Lissette Smead says:

    Bon Voyage! Enjoy your time off …..

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